The basic purpose is to make recorded speech contain more words in a given time, yet still be understandable. In "Vitesse et Politique", Virilio coins the term dromology to describe "speed-space." b a specific system having a specific number of beats in each grouping or bar. [3], Theorists generally identify two historical periods in which time–space compression occurred; the period from the mid-19th century to the beginnings of the First World War, and the end of the 20th century. 3 Time-dependency of resource accumulation The time dependency of resource accumulation refers to the sequencing of tasks that needs to occur in order to obtain an end-result. Électronique. It is a critical skill — any good editor must understand how it works. Linear time compression does so by uniformly compressing and speeding up the playback of all speech segments, but can affect the pitch of the speech. Ultimately, of course, the slowest link determines the maximum speed of transmission, end-to-end, and, therefore, whether or not even the most sophisticated compression technique yields the benefits of time compression. Time–space compression (also known as space–time compression and time–space distanciation), articulated in 1989 by geographer David Harvey in The Condition of Postmodernity, refers to any phenomenon that alters the qualities of and relationship between space and time. The Internet has highlighted how time compression can provide a competitive weapon for early adopters of web-based technology. 1. action de comprimer. More sophisticated approaches attempt to mimic the human compression strategies that people use when they talk faster.Time compression, both linear and non-linear, has been used for some years in voice mail systems, and more recently in streaming media products used in Web-based applications. Compression d'un signal, réduction automatique des variations du niveau moyen d'un signal. Understand time compression meaning and enrich your vocabulary patents-wipo patents-wipo. For Moishe Postone,[5] Harvey's treatment of space-time compression and postmodern diversity are merely reactions to capitalism. This new other time is that of electronic transmission, of high-tech machines, and therefore, man is present in this sort of time, not via his physical presence, but via programming" (qtd. Les essais de compression se font souvent sur le même appareil que l'essai de traction mais en appliquant la charge en compression au lieu de l'appliquer en traction. compression (n.f.) Companies who have applied these technologies in concert with carefully considered business plans have discovered new market opportunities and exposed weaknesses in their competition. For example: a paragraph that might normally be expected to take 20 seconds to read, might instead be presented in … These are programmes which need to relate to issues that are very specific to a company’s circumstances. Temporal Compression/Solidification; Time Solidification; Capabilities. Doreen Massey maintained this idea about time-space compression in her discussion of globalization and its effect on our society. "Time-Space Distanciation and the Generation of Power",–space_compression&oldid=946114177, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 March 2020, at 04:25. What does time–space compression mean? A similar idea was proposed by Elmar Altvaterin an article in PROKLA in 1987, translated into English as "Ecological and Economic Modalities … How to use compression in a sentence. It misfires however, when a form of life such as postmodernism takes itself for being the whole when in fact it is just another appearance of the same capitalist essence. If the transmission facility is capable of the same 65 Mbps and the content is stored and ready for transmission, 1 second of real-time content can be transmitted from source to sink in one-tenth of a second.The if transmission facility is an OC-192 backbone SDH/SONET fiber optic transmission system (FOTS) running at 10 Gbps in the carrier backbone, then 1,538 seconds (25.64 hours) of full-motion video theoretically can be transmitted in one second. Time-compression definitions A compression technique that supports the transfer of data between devices at a rate faster than the playback rate, depending on bandwidth availability. The concept of 'time compression' complements and requires that these programmes exist and operate in a way that fully exploits the time-based approach. There are many techniques you can call upon to compress time. The embodiments of the present invention reduce the compression time in order to achieve a faster texture compression. The implementation tradeoffs primarily impact the granularity of time-compression supported (discrete vs. continuous) and the latency (wait-time) experienced by users after adjusting degree of time-compression. Cette compression est utilisée dans l'enregistrement sonore et dans le renforcement du son en live pour contrôler et maîtriser la dynamique (Le mot dynamique est souvent employé désigner ou qualifier ce qui est relatif au mouvement. We report results of user studies showing impact of these factors on the average-compression-rate achieved. Inside this subspace dimension of increased density of time flows differently than that of the outside dimension, either by a much faster rate dependent on the proportional density, or so … in Decron 71[2]). définition - compression signaler un problème. This is a summary of the effect from a recent … Time-compressed speech refers to an audio recording of verbal text in which the text is presented in a much shorter time interval than it would through normally-paced real time speech. Meaning of time–space compression. Despite the substantial physical distance between the various cities and countries, the world is effectively getting smaller due to the advent of advanced technology and scientific know-how. La résistance à la compression est la capacité d'un matériau ou d'une structure à supporter les charges qui tendent à réduire s… The ground rules for effective supply chain design were co‐incidentally established in 1961, when Jay Forrester showed that medium period demand amplification was a system dynamics phenomenon which could be tackled by reducing and eliminating delays and the proper design of feedback loops. a the system of combining beats or pulses in music into successive groupings by which the rhythm of the music is established. Space definition is - a period of time; also : its duration. We call this “time compression diseconomies” – a term cornered by professors Dierickx and Cool from INSEAD. Time compression complements existing change management, business process re-engineering or total quality type programmes. As the global supply chain revolution spreads across industries and markets, its importance increases. See also, A compression technique that speeds up the playback of audio and audio-video content. For Postone the postmodern moment is not necessarily just a one-sided effect of the contemporary form of capitalism but can also be seen as having an emancipatory side if it happened to be part of a post-capitalism. (figuré) réduction des dépenses, du personnel. Definition of time–space compression in the dictionary. Postone asserts one cannot step outside capitalism and declare it a pure evil, or as a one-dimensional badness. For Postone, the emancipatory content of such things as equal distribution or diversity are potentials of capitalism itself in its abundant and diverse productive powers. Historical eras and political events, out of this perspective, are also speed-ratios. If, on the other hand, one can compress that content by 90%, the file is 5.67 Mbits of raw content and 6.5 Mbits, including overhead. Compression de personnel, des dépenses, etc., diminution, réduction du personnel, des dépenses. Time and space compression is a phrase used to describe the decreasing space between people and ideas. Similar to Virilio, she stated that because our world is "speeding up" and "spreading out", time-space compression is more prevalent than ever as internationalization takes place. All Rights Reserved, A compression technique that supports the transfer of data between devices at a rate faster than the playback rate, depending on bandwidth availability. Un essai de compression mesure la résistance à la compression d'un matériau sur une machine d'essais mécaniques suivant un protocole normalisé. In the situation of x < μ, since [q min t 2, q max t 2] ⊂ [q min t 1, q max t 1] for ∀ t 1, t 2 ∈ [0, t max], t 1 < t 2 according to Definition 1, the first-order partial derivation of F t (x) with respect to t is analyzed through two aspects. Harvey's idea was rooted in Karl Marx's theory of the "annihilation of time and space". Time–space compression (also known as space–time compression and time–space distanciation), articulated in 1989 by geographer David Harvey in The Condition of Postmodernity,[1] refers to any phenomenon that alters the qualities of and relationship between space and time. A similar idea was proposed by Elmar Altvater in an article in PROKLA in 1987, translated into English as "Ecological and Economic Modalities of Time and Space" and published in Capitalism Nature Socialism in 1989. Time compression at all stages in the chain is seen as the way to respond to these challenges. Time compression is at the heart of video editing and is used in most productions to some extent. TIME COMPRESSION - A REQUIREMENT OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Several of the studies have found that when we view two events but believe the first causes the second, time between them seems have gone quicker than when we perceive exactly the same scenario but think the two events are not connected. The Railway Journey by Henry Shivelbush is an excellent resource on understanding how time and space compression alter how work, free time, and community forms, grows and dies. Time-space compression refers to the set of processes that cause the relative distances between places (i.e., as measured in terms of travel time or cost) to contract, effectively making such places grow “closer.”. Barrons Dictionary | Definition for: cycle time compression. Although this is news to me, it turns out the ‘time compression’ effect has been well researched. The speeding up or slowing down of an audio recording without pitch change. L'indicateur fournit un retour concernant le statut du mécanisme d'agrafage et affiche également un temps de compression du tissu par la pince. Time Compression. How to use space in a sentence. La compression de sons ou compression dynamique ou compression de portée dynamique est un procédé qui manipule la portée dynamique d'un signal sonore. Time–space compression often occurs as a result of technological innovations that condense or elide spatial and temporal distances, including technologies of communication (telegraph, telephones, fax machines, Internet), travel (rail, cars, trains, jets), and economics (the need to overcome spatial barriers, open up new markets, speed up production cycles, and reduce the turnover time of capital). For example, a 30-frame file of 56.7 Mbits that represents 1 second of broadcast-quality video in raw, uncompressed content form might blow up to 65+ Mbits to accommodate overhead.The transmission of that file in real time, i.e., 30 frames per second (fps) to create the illusion of full motion for a human input device (eyeball) and processor (brain) would require a transmission facility capable of a rate of 65 Mbps to support that one audiovisual signal. Résultat de cette action. Time and space were first compressed when trains begin to drive through human geography. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. In both of these time periods, according to Jon May and Nigel Thrift, "there occurred a radical restructuring in the nature and experience of both time and space ... both periods saw a significant acceleration in the pace of life concomitant with a dissolution or collapse of traditional spatial co-ordinates".[4]. Time compression is the concept of condensing all of time and space into a single moment, or "singularity". time compression synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'spare time',timely',tie',timber', definition. Time–space compression (also known as space–time convergence) is a term used to describe processes that seem to accelerate the experience of time and reduce the significance of distance during a given historical moment.Geographer David Harvey used the term in The Condition of Postmodernity, where it refers to "processes that ... revolutionize the objective qualities of space and time" (240). See also. reducing the time required to produce and deliver a product or service, in order to increase throughput and … 8444 Castlewood Drive, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46250 | 317.842.6417 | Example sentences with "time compression multiplexing", translation memory add example en Bursts of time compressed multiplexed full duplex digital signals (211, 213) are synchronously transmitted at an information bit rate of between about forty and eighty kilobits per second and at a burst cycle of between about 0.8 and 4.0 milliseconds. When you compress time in a video, you are making the duration shorter than real-time. This supposed shortening of worldwide distances has resulted from the reduction of time involved in transportation and communication. 23 (Music) short for → time value. It is important to achieve inventory velocity and to meet and exceed customer expectations. Non-linear time compression does so without affecting the pitch, by selectively speeding up certain speech segments, eliminating or reducing pauses and periods of silence, and uniformly speeding up the remaining speech. When you, as an organisation, try to compress lots of effort and growth into a short period, it will not be as effective as when you spread it out over a longer period of … And because postmodernism usually neglects its own context of embeddedness it can legitimate capitalism as postmodern, whereas at the level of deep structure it may in fact be more concentrated, with large capitals that, accumulate rather than diverge, and with an expansion of commodification niches with fewer buyers. Harvey's idea was rooted in Karl Marx's theory of the "annihilation of time and space". duple time. The ability to compress data before it is written to the hard disk without any noticeable loss in speed compared to non-compressed data. Hence Harvey's analysis remains "extrinsic to the social forms expressed" by the deep structure concepts of capital, value and the commodity. nerve compression. The user can compress the flow of temporal energy, stacking the currents into multiple layers, creating a pocket dimension of extremely high density of time. 2. processus ou résultat de devenir plus petit ou plus pressé ensemble " la contraction d'un gaz lors du refroidissement " 3. The concept is important when considering changes in culture and structure, especially transit and value production. Case 1. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "time-compression technologies" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. diseconomies of time compression: the time-dependency of resource accumulation. définition (complément) voir la définition de compression dans le Littré. Virilio describes velocity as the hidden side of wealth and power, which represents a determining factor concerning societies' structures. (4) means the processing of externally derived information-bearing images by algorithms such as time compression, filtering, extraction, selection, correlation, convolution or transformations between domains (e.g., fast Fourier [...] [...] Cultures and communities are merged during time-space compression due to rapid growth and change, as "layers upon layers" of histories fuse together to shift our ideas of what the identity of a "place" should be. It can be initiated by the casting of a spell, which requires incredible power on behalf of the caster(s) and places them at the center of said singularity. Compression definition is - the act, process, or result of compressing. In his view, acceleration destroys space and compresses the time in ways of perceiving reality. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Omnichannel has elevated an important issue for successful supply chain management—time compression. Time-space Compression in Various Fields: Explained With Examples. the act of pressing something into a smaller space or putting pressure on it from different sides until it gets smaller: Tectonic forces caused compression in the earth’s crust. Compression fractures of the spine are common in older people. Information and translations of time–space compression in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.