But one should not only focus on speed increase: 5G detaches the network infrastructure hardware and software, thus enabling new possibilities such as ad-insertion, cashing and high-quality content delivery. The degree and method of infrastructure sharing can vary in each country depending on regulatory and … Clients can access reports, presentations, raw data excel sheets as well as detailed company profiles. Increasing cellular internet penetration and exponential growth in data volumes are expected to accelerate the adoption of 5G networks, significantly impacting the industry. – Recent industry trends and developments For instance, in December 2019, German telecom carrier Deutsche Telekom upgraded its infrastructure to launch 450 base stations with 5G support. Telecom providers have shown a strong interest in the adoption of 4G/LTE for higher bandwidth, reduced latency, and vastly improved network capacity. 429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ The increasing trend of uptake of 4G/LTE services by consumers has propelled the players operating in the telecom infrastructure industry to focus strongly on upgrading their infrastructure and enabling the latest 4G implementations. GMI maintains strict code of conduct as a business and is committed to ensure that the privacy and trust of our clients are always maintained. Historical year – 2014-2019 1.3 Price & Cost Overview In addition, nearly 32 million jobs will be supported by the growing telecom ecosystem. The Global Telecom Infrastructure Market survey analysis offers energetic visions to conclude and study market size, market hopes, and competitive surroundings. The Nigerian telecommunication sector is the largest segment of the Information and Communication sector. This has created new avenues for telecom operators to target customers and increase profitability. – Strategies of key players and product offerings The research is derived through primary and secondary statistics sources and it comprises both qualitative and quantitative detailing. The telecom network infrastructure industry is expected to undergo a profound disruption over the forecast timespan as video streaming and digital content consumption continue to drive the demand for better and resilient telecom infrastructure. - What are the key concerns of the five forces analysis of the Global Telecom Infrastructure market? Get in touch with us for special pricing. The Philippines's telecommunications industry has been dominated by the PLDT-Globe duopoly over the last two decades. Get Free Sample Report + All Related Graphs & Charts @ : https://www.htfmarketreport.com/sample-report/3016542-global-telecom-infrastructure-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast-to-2026 Get more details on this report - Request Free Sample PDF. Market Cap: $210.8 … The rising use of cloud-based solutions for wireless communication and the increasing demand for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are supporting the adoption of wireless access points products across the telecom industry. - What impact does COVID-19 have made on Global Telecom Infrastructure Market Growth & Sizing? 3.1 By Type If you are involved in the Global Telecom Infrastructure industry or aim to be, then this study will provide you inclusive point of view. Contact US : 3.1.2 TYPE 2 Chasing the G’s appears to be a good strategy as in each new wireless standard telecoms see opportunities for revenue growth. Important Features that are under offering & key highlights of the report: Base year – 2019 Telecom Network Infrastructure Market size exceeded USD 80 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at around 4% CAGR between 2020 and 2026 owing to developments in the 5G spectrum and commercialization of 5G technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Telecommunications is one of the industries that use artificial intelligence … 3.2 Telecom Infrastructure Market Size by Type – Competitive landscape of Telecom Infrastructure market See how the telecommunications industry is transforming An open, standards-based network automation and service orchestration platform SES benefits from a highly agile and scalable infrastructure, enabling it to accelerate time-to-market for managed virtual network services, as well as save costs associated with running a solution in its own data center. Wired telecommunications carriers accounted for about 666,100 of these jobs in 2008, while 202,700 were in wireless telecommunications carriers. In March 2019, NTT DOCOMO, Inc., a leading telecom operator, expanded its partnership with overseas partners in countries including the U.S., Israel, and Japan for 5G trials involving a 5G mobile test network established in Guam. China held majority of the market revenue share with over 25% in 2019 and will continue dominating through 2026. Edison, NJ -- -- 01/08/2021 -- A new business intelligence report released by HTF MI with title "Global Telecom Infrastructure Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2026 (Based on 2020 COVID-19 Worldwide Spread)" is designed covering micro level of analysis by manufacturers and key business segments. – Potential and niche segments/regions exhibiting promising growth In Europe, the telecom service provider segment will grow at an impressive CAGR of over 5% till 2026 due to widescale expansion of telecom network infrastructure by these enterprises. As data services are the leading business segment for majority of telecom providers, expansion and upgrading of telecom network infrastructure are being undertaken at a rapid pace to ensure competitiveness and maintain market share. Telecom inventory consists of all the hardware, propriety and licensed … – A neutral perspective towards Telecom Infrastructure market performance Telecommunications is a people-intensive industry, with a seasoned workforce that includes teams in offices, on trucks and in retail storefronts. Employment in the Telecommunications Industry [About this section] The telecommunications industry provided about 1.0 million wage and salary jobs in 2008. For information regarding the content of this press release please contact the media relations contact listed above directly. - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors? Some companies provide: 1. media gateways 2. soft switches 3. This has created lucrative opportunities for telecom operators in the country for securing long-term government contracts and increasing revenue generation. In the 2019 report published by GSM Association, the leading industry body of global telecom providers, more than 700 million new cellular subscribers are expected to be added by 2025. 2.2 Global Telecom Infrastructure Market Size by Demand Security Policy | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Report Abuse, Telecom Infrastructure Market May See a Big Move : Telefonica, Huawei, Vodafone, HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited, https://www.htfmarketreport.com/sample-report/3016542-global-telecom-infrastructure-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast-to-2026, https://www.htfmarketreport.com/enquiry-before-buy/3016542-global-telecom-infrastructure-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast-to-2026, https://www.htfmarketreport.com/reports/3016542-global-telecom-infrastructure-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast-to-2026, https://www.htfmarketreport.com/buy-now?format=1&report=3016542, Copyright © 2005 - 2021 - SBWire, a service of ReleaseWire LLC.